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Legal advice

Would you like to know whether your general terms and conditions or contracts still comply with current legislation? Does your customer refuse to pay your invoice and you can’t solve it yourselve? The lawyers at Bos Debtcollection are ready to assist you with all your legal issues. You can come to us for legal advice and assistance in relation to contracts, general terms and conditions and (impending) legal proceedings.

Does your client refuse to pay?

Sometimes a conflict is so great that the way to court is the only option left. You can also count on us in that case. You will receive clear language advice on the proposed approach and the cost risk. So no surprises afterwards. As soon as the court rules in your favour, we enforce payment via the bailiff by seizing the goods or assets of your debtor client.

Bankruptcy application

If your client fails to meet his payment obligations, you can file for your client's bankruptcy. We mainly use a bankruptcy application as a means of coercion in order to obtain payment after all. Our lawyers will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Preservation order

Do you want to take action quickly and prevent your customer from draining the available assets? If so, a conservatory attachment might be the solution. In this procedure, the judicial officer directly attaches assets even before the court has ruled. The attachment can, for example, be made on a bank account, other assets or movable or immovable property.

Do you want to know what is the best approach in your situation?

Our legal experts will be happy to assist you.

Please contact us to discuss the legal possibilities.

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