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Debt Collection Costs Act

What does the Debt Collection Costs Act (WIK) entail?

The Debt Collection Costs Act applies when you have a claim on a consumer. You are then obliged to send a reminder that meets the requirements of this law. In this reminder, you give your customer 15 days to pay the invoice once more, at no extra charge. You also state the amount of collection costs charged by the collection agency when you hand over the claim.

I have a claim on a company, do I have to take the Debt Collection Costs Act into account?

No, in that case there are no legal requirements that your reminder or reminder must comply with.

What does a WIK letter look like?

The text of the WIK reminder is strict. Is it not well described? If so, the court may reject the collection costs in any proceedings. Therefore, please use our sample letters. These meet the most recent requirements of the jurisprudence.

How do I calculate the collection costs?

It is important that you state the exact amount of collection costs. Please use our Debt Collection Costs calculator for this.

Do I have to mention VAT or not?

Are you liable to VAT yourself? Then use the sample letter excluding VAT and note in your reminder only the amount of collection costs.

Are you not liable to VAT (e.g. as an educational institution or sports club)? If so, use the sample letter including VAT and state the amount of collection costs and VAT separately in your reminder.

Am I still allowed to charge an administration fee?

No, the WIK reminder does not allow you to charge administration or reminder costs yourself.

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