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Responsible Debt Collection

Whoever buys or uses something has to pay for it. Anyone who does not pay on time can be faced with extra costs. There is nothing wrong with that, because the process of collecting outstanding invoices costs time and money. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to  socially responsible debt collection.

By this we mean that we offer debt collection services aimed at guiding the debtor customer in a respectful and empathic manner in order to get to an appropriate payment solution. 

The connecting link

Sometimes we run up against problematic debts. When that happens, we want to be the connecting link between the creditors, the people who have problems meeting their payment obligations and the debt assistance agencies. Het Schuldenknooppunt enables us to give direction to our role as a connecting link. Het Schuldenkooppunt provides a safe, reliable and transparent way to exchange information.

Collectief Schuldregelen

We are affiliated to Collectief Schuldregelen. The principle of Collectief Schuldregelen is that the process is accelerated and facilitated to arrive at an amicable debt settlement. Creditors agree to payment proposals in advance and files are dealt with collectively. This results in faster turnaround times, less administrative hassle and considerably less repeat business.

Use of language & approach

By using simple language, we ensure that our communication can be understood by almost everyone. We can be reached by telephone at local rates and without any menu options. And the personal 'my surroundings' make it easy to arrange things outside office hours as well.

It is also good to know that we only approach your debtor customer through appropriate channels. For example, we do not use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat. In this way, we comply with the privacy guidelines. A safe feeling for you and your debtor customer.

Measuring client satisfaction

Debtor customers appreciate our service. This is evident from the measurements we carry out on an ongoing basis: 8 out of 10 debtor customers indicate that they are satisfied with the contact and the solution offered.

Debt collection label

Bos Incasso is a member of the NVI and has the debt collection label. This quality mark sets out the rules and standards for Socially Responsible Debt Collection.

For you, this is the guarantee that you are working with a reliable collection agency. And for your debtor customers, the certainty of a careful and correct approach.

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