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Submit a collection claim

When can I call you in?

Do you have a claim against a private individual? Then you can contact us after the payment term of the WIK reminder has expired.

Do you have a claim on a company? Then we advise you to send at least one reminder yourself. In this way you give your customer the opportunity to pay without collection charges. Still did not receive the payment? From that moment on, we will be happy to help you collect the outstanding amount.

How to start a debt collection process?

To start a collection process, go to submit a collection claim. Would you like to speak to one of our employees first? Please contact us on: +31 088 - 267 00 43.

What data do you need?

We like to receive as much available information as possible. Think of copies of the invoices, the reminders sent and any other correspondence. We would also be happy to receive the address, telephone and e-mail details known to you. This increases the chance of a successful collection process.

How soon will you take care of my assignment?

We will process your order within one working day. If we have any questions, we will contact you. As soon as we process your file, you will receive a confirmation by post or e-mail.

Can I outsource my receivable management to your company?

Yes, you can. Outsourcing your receivable management offers many advantages. For example, we can temporarily or structural take over your accounts receivable management from you. Wondering what we can do for you? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Contact us: +31 088 - 267 00 43

Can you help me resolve a legal conflict?

Yes, as an entrepreneur or organization you can contact us with questions about contracts, general terms and conditions and legal advice. Our lawyers can assist you with your legal issues.

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