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The debt collection process

What does the debt collection process look like?

As soon as we receive your order, the amicable collection phase starts. This is the phase in which we approach your customer several times in a short period of time to pay the outstanding invoice. We do this in writing, by phone and by e-mail.

Don't these actions lead to payment or a payment arrangement? Then you will receive advice as to whether a legal follow-up process seems legally and financially feasible.

What are the costs of the amicable collection procedure?

When we collect your invoice completely, you will receive the full principal amount from us. The amicable collection procedure will cost you nothing in that case. Are we unable to collect your invoice and do we advise you to refrain from legal collection? In that case we will not charge you any costs.

How do you inform me about the progress?

Through our online portal you will stay up to date with the developments in your file(s). Here you can also easily pass on payments, download reports and submit new collection orders.

Do you also take care of legal collection procedures?

Yes, you can also contact us for the judicial collection process. You retain your permanent contact at Bos Incasso and you can also follow the progress in the online portal.

What does a judicial collection procedure involve?

Legal proceedings start with the issuing of a writ of summons. With this summons we invite your customer to appear in court. We ask the court to order your customer to pay the claim. The judge records his verdict in a judgment. 

Then we take the necessary steps to make your customer pay. For example by a voluntary payment arrangement. If this does not work, we will try to enforce payment by confiscating your customer's income, a bank account or other assets. We call this the 'execution phase'. The duration of this phase depends on your customer's financial situation. It varies from a few months to sometimes even a few years.

What are the costs of a judicial collection procedure?

When we collect your invoice completely, you will receive the full principal amount from us. The judicial collection procedure will not cost you anything.

Are we unable to collect your invoice? We will never charge more costs than agreed with you beforehand. So you always know where you stand.

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