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Safety and privacy

How safe are my personal data?

We treat your personal data with the most care. The processing is in all cases in accordance with the requirements of the AVG. More information can be found in our Privacy Statement.

How can I check whether the letter or e-mail really has been sent by Bos Incasso?

Phishing messages are regularly sent on behalf of Bos Incasso. Are you in any doubt whether a letter or e-mail is really sent by Bos Incasso? Then take a look at our tips and advice for recognising phishing messages.

I think I have received a phishing message, what should I do?

Do you think you are the victim of fraud? Then that is what we would like to know. You can report your fraud directly to us.

I am not satisfied with the service. How do I report a complaint?

We would like you to be content with our services. However, it may happen that you are not satisfied with something. Please let us know.

You can report your complaint using the complaintsform.

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